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A single cinéma studio in the heart of the forest


Bring your production to life in a world-renowned studio with a cultural heritage spanning over a century. Whether you're creating a short film or a one-day commercial shoot, our team will make sure your experience at Studio Canadiana stands out from the rest.


As demanding as your filming and production schedule may be, it's important to find time to relax and take care of yourself. So whenever you find yourself with a few free moments, we have plenty of amenities on hand when you're not in the office or on set. ​ 

  • Private security

  • Car park

  • Caterer  

  • Pebble beach 

  • The studio store

  • Relaxation room/Spa (2023)

  • Treehouse Hosting (2023)

  • Luxury 3 season glamping


Your actors need a place to shine, and at Studio Canadiana we can accommodate almost anything you can dream up. Our massive 150 acre (60 hectare) lot contains not only historic buildings, but also plenty of vacant land locations and a wide choice of natural landscapes for you to create a scene in almost any part of the world. Ultimately, we have the perfect place to make the next memorable movie or TV show.


When you take on the next blockbuster, hit TV series, or one-off commercial, you need production assistance. Our craft departments are made up of true artisans who take great pride in their work and bring their seasoned expertise to your production. From a full line of craftsmen for all your shoots, to logistical necessities to streamline your production process, we'll make sure your every need is met.

  • Excavation services

  • Forest services

  • Construction of custom sets

  • Heritage Prop House: Rental of furniture and accessories

  • Man-made lake and waterfall with water level control  

  • Small private airport opposite the village  

  • Electric entrance underground throughout the village, 550A available