An historical




The Canadiana village has a whole history like each of the objects of the village that make up the decor of the houses.
Located in Lanaudière, it is the dream of founder Earl T. Moore, who dedicated his life to collecting and restoring the remains of an era that was about to disappear.

It all started with the purchase of a 100-year-old farmhouse that the Moore couple decided to furnish with antiques from local sources before deciding to collect and move entire buildings to store their finds.
With the help of the communities, they recreated a setting outside of reality in Rawdon, a place where the tranquility is almost disturbing.

Each house, each piece of furniture and decor are authentic:
"The log house was the school of Earle's grandfather and comes from Wakefield, everything is still in its place, books, desks (which were made by parents at the time).
The general store also has several surprises in store for us, the doors come from another old store in New Glasgow where Sir Wilfried Laurier once worked ...

The film industry discovered the village as it became a major attraction in the 1970s and attracted more than 30,000 visitors per year. Some movie sets are then added to the original village to create the village as it is.

"Les fils de la liberté" 
"Red River"
"Les Tuches 2" 
"I'm not there" 
"Les Pays d'en haut" (...)

These are just a few names among the long list of films that have screened in the village. 

Today, the village is expanding its collection of vestiges of the past and is preparing to host all kinds of productions, cultural and tourist events.